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One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to enhance product presentation. Making each item visible, organized, and easy to see invites customers to spend more time looking at product and increasing the opportunity for impulse sales.

The AutoFront System accomplishes that goal. AutoFront is a unified shelf system comprised of roller tracks. These roller track shelves use a moderate amount of incline to utilize gravity in facing merchandise to the front of the shelf, enhancing store appearance and increasing sales.

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Maximize Your Benefits. Reduce Your Labor.


Time Saving
All products, including stacked items, are automatically faced at the front of the shelf and easily available for customers.


Labor Saving
Products slide to the front when the first displayed product is removed, reducing labor and inventory management costs.


Enhanced Appearance
Having merchandise constantly faced to the front of the shelf enhances the store appearance. Shelves look full and products are easier to find, increasing impulse sales.


Easy Installation
It comes fully assembled. Simply place AutoFront onto existing shelves.


Low Maintenance
AutoFront is easy to clean and maintain. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt build-up.

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    Comes fully assembled and ready to install over existing shelves.

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    Every product is visible, increasing impulse sales and enhancing the store appearance.

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    Merchandise automatically gravity-feeds to the front when first item is removed, saving labor costs.

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    Easy to

    Dust and other debris can be simply removed with a damp cloth.

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    Can be manufactured to your specific display space and maximize product merchandising.

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